Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Receiving letter from my sponsored child today made me reminisce the time when i was still in primary school,having pen-pal.i had a pen-pal from Australia.She is same age as me.Don't know when and why,i had lost contact with her.
My sponsored child wrote in her language(i couldn't share about her location as to protect her safety.That's the rules & regulations of World Vision).But,there is another copy of the letter which is translated by the translator to English.It is an introductory letter that she wrote to me to introduce herself and her family.
From her letter,i can see she is a good girl.Her handwriting is neat and tidy.She told me that she likes to go to school and hope to be a school teacher when she grows up.
So,i am going to reply her letter and gave some small Photobucket gift for her.Hope to make her life happier.
Normally,around this Photobucket time,i am in Photobucketbed,zzZzz-ing.Today a bit late as i busy teaching my elder daughter,Daychelle doing her school's homework and also preparing her for tomorrow's spelling & 'ejaan'. She is just 5 years old.But,now is different with past.Nowadays,being a kid isn't that easy.Luckily,both of my daughters are (can say) clever.The elder is fast at learning something new while the younger,Jaychelle has good memory.Tired oO...wanna go sleep! Bye...

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