Sunday, November 29, 2009

U need this!

Suddenly,i do not know how to start my post today.Maybe the idea haven't arrive.Maybe i am too bored at my shopPhotobucketTomorrow my workers will be back after such a long holidays.
(screaming i miss all of you so much.) Therefore,i wanna go shoppingPhotobucket after a few days only at shop.i wanna share this first.So,Photobucket,you have to wait,ok??
Tomorrow,my hubby will bring me to Mentakab to have a look at 1 of the shop there.We plan to rent the shop to open another Photobucket bubbles branch.But,this time not a Photobucket gift shop.My hubby is going to open a PhotobucketboutiquePhotobucket for me.yea yea!(dancing now)Ladies' paradise,i named it.Where there will be selling not only Photobucketclothes,but jewelleries,Photobucketladies' accessories,Photobucketbags and shoes too,to name a fewPhotobucket

This is Photobucket cotton buds and facial squares cotton organizer.The cotton buds and facial square cotton is not inPhotobucket shape,it is the normal dePhotobucket.Only the box has Photobucket.This is also 1 of the fastly sold items in bubbles.Photobucketas it is now out of stock jor.
Photobucket,gotta go now...

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