Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Super duper buper Photobuckethappy yesterday!hehePhotobucketPhotobucket i nagged my hubby all day long.i said Christmas is near,where is my Photobucket Christmas presentPhotobucket
He kept on smiling,saying i got lots of goodies especially Photobucket branded.He spoiled me much.Lastly he agreed too.i had fall in Photobucket with this LG ice-cream long time ago since its arrival to Malaysia. Wanna had a try since i had tried before Nokia,Sony Ericsson & Samsung branded handphone and also had tried candybar,slide and touch screen handphone but not clamshell. which is high-tech with many functions,i had tried before too.Now wanna buy which is fantastic in design.

i like this as it is in pink pink,and you can create your own drawing or writing just below the camera.And it will show out.i had write,'i Photobucket chai'.(my hubby's name)
i think of purchasing this as i see in Korean movies,Korean kawaii girls are all using clamshell .i want to be like them too!haha!! So girly...
Ok,have to stop now.i want to purchase the decoration for my at Strapya World
There are many cute,lacey,girly handphone strap and decorations besides Photobucket branded.i knew this website from otata.She told me about this Japanese website.
A real good info to share,rightPhotobucketPhotobucket
After i finish decorate nicely my Photobuckethandphone,i will Photobucket snap picture and share it here with you all.Bye bye.

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