Friday, November 20, 2009


PhotobucketTime passes really fastPhotobucketIt is now near the end of year 2009.PhotobucketAbove is Photobucket pendant watch with long strap.The pink strap has a die-cut face too.Photobucket likes the pendant watch image which has both of Photobucket.i think they are having a picnic Photobucket. To keepPhotobucket up with time,we need this.For those who isn't comfortable or not getting used in wearing watch,then this is definitely must-have Photobucket item.i put it in my Photobucket.But wondering i wear watch all the time,i think will seldom bring it out have a lookPhotobucket.But,then again,i really cannot resist from cute Photobucket.By the way,it comes with a rectangular box with Photobucket and her best friend, Photobucket.Nice nicePhotobucketPhotobucket

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