Monday, May 10, 2010

8 glasses of water please...!

Huh..ha....i am back.Sorry have to delay about my purchases last time trip to Ipoh.Yes....still sharing about the Photobucketitems i bought from Ipoh Parade.So,this will be the last Photobucketitem.

Photobucketmini liquid dispenser.

Even the box is cute.i heart not to throw it.
Therefore,keep it as collection.

Description at the box.

This is the bottom side.
Where you press the rubber button to dispense water.

The part i like most.This is where we put the water.

i think it can 'fits' 8 glasses of water.That's the minimum requirement.

Closer view...
Wowowo...what a fast & short explanation for today's title.Because i wanna offline,play my NDSL.My hubby just bought it for me as Mother's Day present.Not because i am his mum,ok?Because he appreciated i had gave her 2 cute princess and for all the times i had been together with him.So,i had present from him.Thanks very muchie,lao gongPhotobucket.....

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