Friday, May 7, 2010

juice extractor

Cute box packaging.

The other side of the box,the back of super cute gifs .

It is the box for Photobucketjuice extractor.
The look of this Photobucketjuice extractor very weird,right??Photobucket

From the instructions paper attachedPhotobucket,it acts 2 way.First it can be used as juice extractor,which according to the instructions,put small pieces of fruit such as grape,apple and strawberry into the basket.

Then,put pressing cover on the top of the fruit and then twist back and tore.PhotobucketJuice container is at the below to 'catch' the juice.

The other way is,it acts as Photobucketregular orange juicing.
It is actually just put the basket upside down,and it will becomes Photobucketregular orange juicing.
This no need instructions,sure you know how to operate a regular orange juicingPhotobucket
This cute stuff is from one of the gift shop at Ipoh Parade too.But not the shop named KT Collection.♫♫

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