Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just after a long chitty chat with my hubby's aunty(ma-in-law's sis).My ear is hot.Luckily she had to go fetch her daughter back from school,if not,till now i am still hanging to the .
For today's story will be a bit short.As i do not want to onlinePhotobucket all of my times.i wanna do some art & craft,some DIY,watching some Hong Kong soap opera.Accompany my fatty Photobuckethubby and my 2 lil' Photobucketprincess.Therefore,i will just upload more piccy for you to 'wash your eye'.

Photobucket mini USB fan.
super cute gifs

PhotobucketVery suitable to use in PhotobuckethotPhotobucket weather like the weather in Malaysia.
super cute gifs

Cute Photobucketfigurine.Photobucket
super cute gifs

A~HA,it is actually an adjustable .
super cute gifs

i got 2 different colour,Photobucketthis is the red .
super cute gifs

Gotta go.Bye~
Oops,forgot to let you know where to get these 3 Photobucketitems.
You can get it at bubbles.But,be fast.Stocks are decreasing.

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