Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NDSL pouch

i want this PhotobucketNDSL pink case badly.
i even asked a fewPhotobucketnot a fewPhotobucketmostly all my online friends and also my relatives who live at KL to help me buy this Photobucket pouch if they ever met it.But,failed.i won't give up.i still want this Photobucket pink case.My friends,if you ever find this,let me know,kPhotobucketPhotobucketi WANTPhotobucketPhotobucket

i uploaded this because when i first saw it on one website selling accessories,this other Photobucketcase looks familiar.Actually this is also a case.But,if compare to the pink,this...erm...still ok lah.Where i saw this before,i kept thinking.TINGPhotobucketPhotobucketSuddenly i recalled back last time i bought this Photobucket passport holder from Thingz Garden.
You can to see my older post about this.

So,i search for this case as fast as i could.YaPhotobucket,can you see that,from the above piccy,it has 2 small compartments to put the card.So that,it won't lose.Or out of sight.

Therefore,before i got the Photobucket pink pouch,
i use this as Photobucket pouch lor...

1 of my Photobucket theme.i also had Photobucket Photobucketgames.
Hello Kitty Big City Dreams & Hello Kitty Party games.

The side view is like this.Just like a wallet.
Thanks to my deary hubby.Photobucket
It is a Photobucketgift from him on Mother's Day.
i am still waiting for the Photobucket sticker specially for ,which i ordered at
Ebay,my favourite 'shoping mall'.
Wait ar,when it arrives,will upload here,kPhotobucket
But,i need to thank Julia because i got to know about from her blog.She is such a sweet lady,who i think,shares same PhotobucketinterestPhotobucket as me.No regret buying this instead of PSP
Photobucketmy sis already hadPhotobucket.Which i also agreed with Julia,looks not so PhotobucketgirlyPhotobucket~


roxy said...

How did u get that hello kitty DS theme?

roxy said...

Love the cute DS cases!

s u e ty i said...

download from here...

you can try yourself...hehe^^

roxy said...


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