Sunday, May 16, 2010

hot?? Need this...

Sorry for kept you waiting for my today's post.i had a question.i just realised Photobucketgie now had a new feature.We can create pages.But only ten.Why TEN??i need some more.Forcing to put the others 2 more categories into the already existed categories.WT.... i had just updated all my collections into the ten pages.So,you can view it there if you miss any stuff that you haven't seen before.Or if you are already my facebook friends,then for sure you got view my album.
super cute gifs

This very fast selling PhotobucketitemPhotobucket.It is a PhotobucketUSB port mini electric desk fan.
Now i will put my blog link in every of my new uploaded piccy.Not because i want to promote my blog,dear.But,i just got to know there is someone copying my piccy and put in her facebook album.It is just like her collections of Photobucket.This person is even 1 of my friend...& also customer.Therefore,i can't do anything.As not to effect our relationship and offend her,so,i decided to put link in every of my piccy.A Photobuckethappy ending for both of us.No need to confront her.
super cute gifs

Photobucket,back to out topic.
It is a fan which can battery-operated too.Or USB power.Normally,mostly all the mini desk fan now is like this,2 ways operated.i like the white colour fan.Looks like the petal of the flower.
super cute gifs

Illustration on the box.
Switch it on/off by pressing the Photobucket.
super cute gifssuper cute gifs

Photobucketis actually holding a musical instrument.

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