Monday, May 3, 2010

lil' gift from hajja

Oh...i am back to my Photobucket sweet Photobucket.Last Friday night,we went to Ipoh,my hubby's hometown.Visited his relatives.We went with his 2 cousins,and also his cousin's son.Back last night.Fuhhh...tired even though i was not the one drivingPhotobucketmy hubby drivePhotobucket.Photobucket
That's why,my Photobucket become dusty.Not that there no internet line for me to online,but just i don't want to online,wanna make all those precious time more precious with his relatives.So,to my lovely friends who asked about why i didn't update my blog,now you know the reason.Chatting,eating & chatting,shopping & eating...Photobucketthat's what i had done the few days.Surely, i can find Photobucket stuff where ever i went.◕‿◕ hehe~Share tomorrow lar..because today is made privilege for my friend,Hajja.
super cute gifs

super cute gifs
First,to introduce this sweet friendly friend of mine.She is Hajja,a Photobucket fans too.One of my customer from Klang.She just started her liking towards Photobucket.i should be the one who should send her gift as she supporting my shop quite much.But,she is so nice.She had gave me this lil' gift on her trip to Kuantan.She passed to my Photobucketmummy.
super cute gifs

super cute gifs
Oh,it is a Photobucketporcelain mug.....
i actually had the same but its Photobucket is in pink,while this,in red.
Therefore,i had 2 of the same kind.So sweet..O(∩_∩)O
Thanks a lot to hajja.i really likePhotobucket the Photobucketmug.
& also the fact,Photobucket receiving PhotobucketgiftsPhotobucket..

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