Thursday, May 13, 2010

kiTTy essentials

Hey,aren't food and shelter our necessities of life??Ha...ha...But for me,these are my essentials.Things i will use it daily.
super cute gifs

super cute gifs

This is the example how to use the bookmark.
A lil' gift from my hubby.My hubby for sure knew very well his wife likes reading.
Therefore,whenever i wanna stops/pauses reading,i can use this bookmark to mark my reading.
super cute gifs

super cute gifs
And this,mini torchlight charm.Which you can put it at your handphone.
i had always wanted to find one since there is baby milo torchlight that i happened to 'meet' it and bought for my sis.She is Baby Milo big fans.Then,i tried to search for torchlight.

The light is below its body.The switch to light on and off are located at its blouse,which act as the blouse's button.Needless to say when will this functions.When black out,when you wanna find things in dark area.You can get this cute little torchlight at my blogshop,bubbles.

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