Tuesday, May 11, 2010

pOpULar ❤ ❤ ❤

i am actually the kind of person who likes reading.Reading almost all kinds of reading materials from books to magazines except newspaper.i hate newspaper.1 thing pops in my mind when i see newspaper is,black & dirty.Books?i like all kinds of story books,from love story to self-improvement and management books.Magazines?i like the most,CLEO.Erm...Reader's Digest counts as magazine?i had subscribe these 2 sent to my address every month.

This is part of the contents in CLEO May 2010.
Title:Suddenly Thirteen.
Are you a high-achiever in a sharp suit with a Hello Kitty obsession?Wow,suddenly is so popular,with so many fans from worldwide.

Part of the story.

Part of the story too.
PhotobucketVery lazy to explain.If you are interested,go buy this month issue.Photobucket

Photobucketdie-cut calculator box.

This is the Photobucketcalculator.A gift from my beloved sis,Ar Ling.
Day off on her birthday,she went to KL.
Every time she went KL,sure bought something for me.And the something surely is Photobucket.Photobucket

It is actually not very big,which you can put it in your tote or bag.◕‿◕
i actually had a few calculators,but this is the only item she can get for me.
According to her,i already owned almost all thePhotobucket items in the shop that she always went.
PhotobucketWhen she said like that,i felt proud inside mePhotobucketPhotobucket

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