Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cutie Cake

i like doing DIY,cross-stitch,arts and crafts and etc.(whatever Do-It-Yourself)So,this is the first time i try bead stitching.And guess what??i succeeded.i think i had talent in doing all these...(self-praise come again).

From the instructions paper,wow~~looks really complicated.Actually it is.My hubby saw it when i am trying to start my DIY,he commented,"i don't understand what this is all about."
i am bead stitching a wedding cake.But,i can see it is just a simple cake.(Because my wedding cake is 9 level tall.Means got 9 cakes starting the biggest at the lowest part to the smallest at the top).

Above the cake,there is 2 roses,pink and white roses respectively.
While the strawberry below it is already made.Not i made it.Hehe~~
i am now starting another bead stitching too,a high heel shoe.If succeed,i will post it here.And also will start the next,a tote.Cute~~

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