Monday, May 24, 2010

Water Park

Hello.....i just came back from Kuantan.Went there to my parents' home,then we explored Bukit Gambang Water Park.This is my first water trip with my lil' family.We all had our very first time memories.First time fall in lovePhotobucket,first time start new life with loved one,first time raising own children,and many many more first time.So,here are a few piccy to share with you.

My 2 lovely daughters just after changing to their swimming suits.
Are they cute??

This is taken when we were at Coco Beach.
So,i took the chance to snap piccy with my 2 daughters.
My hubby was the cameraman.

This take when we finish explored Bukit Gambang.
In front the only gift shop there.Sell not much items.
(You see,my hair was still wet wet.)

This,don't misunderstood.Not at Bukit Gambang anymore.
This is at Megamall.A shopping mall.
They played so happily.Needless to say,from their smiling face,you got to know.
My hubby is now starting planning for our next holiday getaway.You know it is worth it when you see the happy smiling face your children have.

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