Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Photobucket wall hanging letter holder + timetable.Or in short,you can called it organizer.
Something cutie from my own shop,bubbles.
super cute gifs

It actually included a few timetable sheets for us,so that we can change our timetables.2 small storage pockets.i like its pastel pink colour and also the images at the storage pockets.

While at the lowest part,there is a large storage pockets.PhotobucketNow,i can store all the letters mailed to my home.Last time,i used to put the letters here & there,everywhere which looks so untidy.Now will be organized.


roxy said...

I want one! Where do you buy them?

s u e ty i said...

dear,my shop sell this...
interested have a look here, http://bubblesjewelrygift.blogspot.com

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