Tuesday, December 1, 2009

projector fun!!!

i knew these few weeks will be Photobucket and my hubby's and also my workers,my sis busiest day.i am really phobia towards 'busy'.Even in listening the word makes me felt horrified.But,even though busy,i still will try manage a little bit Photobuckettime to stop here,at my blog.Because i PhotobucketTo have a look,to Photobuckettidy it,to prevent it from getting dusty.

A miniPhotobucketprojector keychain which
i chain it along with my Photobucketcar key.Whenever i feel bored,i will press at it and see the image.Photobucket is wearing a crown.i really have to stop now.Tired..
(Today's mission accomplised.Take shop's Photobucketkey from landlord. Photobucket)
PhotobucketNite nite

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