Thursday, April 29, 2010

D.I.M again

My another PhotobucketD.I.M projectPhotobucket which i think is the most Photobucketsuccess.i like this latest design the most.It is really all done by myself,my own idea.i think it myself,no copying from other sources
Photobucketbut got have a look at the DIY blink blink magazine,just have a look.By the way,theirs way too kawaii,pretty than mine.i think i had to practise more to become like them.Photobucket

PhotobucketThe front part.Photobucket
i had an idea,to put the Photobucketshape white bead at the camera.Then,the camera hole will be in the middle of the Photobucket.That camera is for 3G view.As usual,a pink ribbon at the top too..Just above the keypadPhotobucketthe only 2 keypadsPhotobucket,i had stick a pink dress,star shape white bead,a head and with strawberryPhotobucketmy favourite fruitPhotobucket and also a ribbon shape white bead.

The back of the phone,Samsung Omnia.
Mostly all the casing is covered with pink PhotobucketblinkPhotobucketblinkPhotobucketPhotobucket.
Photobucketi had took out the casing as i use the cell phone to snap this piccy.Because i think clearer.
The above piccy snapped using my sis phone.Not so clear.Therefore you can see there is a hole at the top which is actually the camera location.Photobucket
A big pink bow.
2 small ribbons at the top and 2 ice-creams,yummy~~
Photobucketin kimono & an Photobucketumbrella,also a flower.
There is also some flower,love & star shape formed by white beads.
The most important is a pink rubber Photobucket with Photobucket words written on it.
i took the rubber Photobucket from the set of stickers that i bought last time from Isetan Lot 10,neh..that 1 for Nintendo DS Lite sticker.
Gotta continue my other D.I.M projects...Photobuckethehe..n.~v
O(∩_∩)O tata~PhotobucketPhotobucket

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