Monday, April 26, 2010

red ribbon kiTTy

No,you have been in the right Photobucket.This is suet yi's Photobucket.HahaPhotobucket...Very bored actually.Till i wanna learn Japanese.i had always want to learn this language.i had a deep interest towards Japan culture.i even like its traditional costume berry muchie.Kimono.And also all already knew,i like Photobucket too....
super cute gifs

super cute gifs
Photobucket face shape passport cover.
i had the normal passport cover.
PhotobucketNormal means the one like book cover with printing on it.Photobucket
So,this will looks cuter,better,nicer.
Except,why didn't have pink ribbon kiTTy?
super cute gifs

super cute gifs
This is the back of the Photobucket passport cover.Simple words.In red too.
Oh...Each and every time i notice or see or grab any Photobucket stuff,with red ribbon,i must think of Abby.She is a sweet girl.Likes Photobucket too,but in red.
Seller for this passport cover.Click .
super cute gifs

super cute gifs
Needless to say,you can see,this is Photobucket die-cut wall clock.i had always wanted to find die-cut wall clock.Actually this is also can be my shop's stock.However,the salesgirl at the supplier shop just managed to keep 1 for me.i was late,all the others sold out.Luckily she took up 1 secretly for me.Thanks to her,Yvonne.She knew i like berry muchie.
Do you notice today's items,Photobucket is with red ribbon.Just realised i had red ribbon collections too but, not that many.

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