Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bags Wallets Bags

Today,Amway Artistry doing promotion in front of my shop.Just opposite my shop's parking lot there,they parked their big
i didn't have a look,i think they are introducing the Artistry skin care products and also provides testing facial condition.
After my lunch,went back my sweet Wanna wrap all the PhotobucketCosplay Party Set so that they won't get dirty.After finished,thought of Photobucketging.

My currently Photobucketwallet
It is shining leather material.
i Photobucket shiningPhotobucketshining too.Photobucketwhat also say likePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

It is suitable as many compartments.
i need with many compartments badly.
To put all the cards but no money,k?Photobucket
Really,telling the truth here.i really do not have any money inside my
i can't hold or keep any money.Sure all gone.
Therefore,hubbyPhotobucket said,if want buy anything,ask him for moneyPhotobucket
That will be safer.
Anyway,i also dislike holding money.HoldingPhotobucket better.

Photobucketpinky shoulder bagPhotobucket
to replace my old dented faded die-cut shoulder Photobucket that i once had.
Last time that one is white in colour.This time better,pinkPhotobucket
As you all know,i am a certified
Among all those Photobuckets that my shop sells,i had chosen the best 2,this is my own opinion.

And this the 2nd,Photobucketmini tote bagPhotobucket
With Photobuckethead shape tag.

It came with a long strap that you can use it as sling Photobucket
But,i prefer holding with hands.

This, multi-purpose recycle bag.
i have no idea why i took this.i seldom use.
As it is neither big nor small.Maybe because it is tooPhotobucketcute that attracted me.

PhotobucketSide viewPhotobucket

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