Sunday, August 8, 2010

kitty car

hehePhotobucket....Today i wanna share all about my Photobucketcar.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Can you imagine my hubby also drive thisPhotobucketPhotobucketSometimes he will drive to run some errand.There is really a lot of people staring at him,but feeling.

My beloved car registration number plate.
Which took quite a lot of attention too from strangers.

The interior of my Photobucket

i had recently just changed the headrest to cutie kitty

These the things that i took so much time to only upload the piccy now.
Glitters deco seal for cars.
And now my car PhotobucketblinkPhotobucketblinkPhotobucket
There is still a bit of the stickers left,i am still thinking where to stick.

My Photobucketstereng wheel cover.Actually i had ordered another pattern which is pinky but the supplier really wicked.Or they are forgetfulPhotobucketThey didn't delivered the design that i had ordered.That design is the same design as my other car accessories,the back mirror cover,safety belt,handbrake & gear cover.
Therefore,i took this first and sew a cutie kitty on itPhotobucket

Last time this 3D faux diamante was on my SamsungPhotobucket
i had decided to put it on my Photobucketsteering wheel and with pop up sticker written Hello Kitty.

i forgot to edit the info of this piccy after i had uploaded to my facebook.
But,Maikitty is such a clever girl.
She commented on this piccy,suet yi n kitty Photobucket forever.
How she knew this cutie dolly represents mePhotobucket
i am actually Photobucket short hair,Photobucketwearing spectackles but when i wear spectackles,i look not nice.
So,that's for today's sharingPhotobucket

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