Thursday, August 26, 2010

online time✿◕‿◕✿

Today is Thursday,26th August 2010.Normally we will be at home around this time.i will be in front of while hubby,in front of But today a bit different.Hubby wasn't at home with me.He went to his brother's shop,working as volunteer.
So,i am alone at home with my 2 lil' princessAs i had said earlier,mostly my time is devoted to ,so i must have a comfortable surrounding and tools to make me comfortable during my online time.
super cute gifs

Another in my wishlist
laptop table,fully in pink.

The back of the laptop table.
The leg can be opened and will become a mini table.

Okay,this is very useful as it came with an USB cooler fan for
Just plug the USB into your

Among all those USB 4 port hub,i chose this.
It is still ok for me.But i want cuter.Something like die-cut face shape
i face shape

Never mind lah....using this first as i do not own any USB hub.
Somemore it is Japan product wor...
Have to stop here.i want go search for some online clothingPhotobucket store.Find some fancy fashion Photobucketclothing for myself.Hubby said wants buy for me if i want

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