Tuesday, August 17, 2010

high tech mah...

My hubby,my sis & me had worked unstopable for these few days.Phew...~tired is the only word use to describe my situation now.Work also need to rest,need to update Photobucket at here.hehehe~i told my hubby.

Photobucket3D speaker.
She had followed me back home ages ago.But,i had no Photobucketidea why i kept on forgotting snap snap with her.Till i snap her friends for sale at bubbles,
then only i remembered mine at Photobucket

Back of her.She is battery-operated.No USB function,so really a waste to use battery.
That's the thing i am lazy of.

And this,Photobucketmemory card reader,
but only can read Nokia memory card.
*%$#@!*?%$#@& i am not using Nokia Photobucket.
So,just keep it as part of collection.
Remember,i am both Photobucketcollector & userPhotobucketPhotobucket
And also seller,but i won't sell my Photobucketcollections.i sell the extra i take for sale in shop.
PhotobucketButPhotobucket again,not all the Photobucketin shop i took for myself,part of them as some i already own the same kind but different design.
Photobucket more piccies belowPhotobucket

The USB plug is hidden in the Photobucketbody.Just rotate it to turn out the plug.

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