Monday, August 23, 2010

jewellery boxes

i always Photobucket music box.Especially those with a girl dancing on the music box,
just like this i had search every corner for those music box Especially
Photobucketbranded. Answer is i got it.But i will post these both jewellery boxes first.The cutie will upload soon.

Cardboard material.

Even though it is big for earrings storing,but never mind.
For me,it is suitable.i had lots of earring

While this,Photobucket 4 drawers jewellery box,i had thought for a while.
i will use it to put & chargers and all those USB cables.
You gonna be patient.Wait i snap cutie piccy of the with cutie sweet girl dancing on it.Prefer music box with this than with mirrorPhotobucket attached.

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