Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NDSL glitters deco seal

Photobucket glitters deco seal.
Actually only the front part sticker is glittersPhotobucketblink blinkPhotobucket
Have to make the story short.As i had to do some uploading of new Photobucketkitties to bubbles

After stick the sticker to my pinky
i Photobucket Photobucket face shape so muchie.Anything is her face shape,how can i resist that??

Upper part

Lower part.
i Photobucket polkadot so much too.
i think i really have to end here.
Mr. Cough very naughty.He came find my elder princessPhotobucket
Therefore,i need to go bring her see doctor.
Hubby is waiting Photobucket
Till our Photobucketnext meeting,bye~

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