Thursday, August 5, 2010

new hp

Hubby goesPhotobucket fetch daughters back from MontessoriPhotobucketSo,i steal a lil' bit time to update my cutie pie herePhotobucketLet's have a look at my Photobucket Photobucket

The back of my SatioPhotobucket
At last,my hubby bought for mePhotobucket
i must do some decoration on my every Photobucket
i can't stand the 'blankness' of the Photobucket

When the camera lens cover is openedPhotobucket
There are some reasons i chose this modelPhotobucket
Photobucketst,i like its 'digital camera' look designPhotobucketEven though it is quite big for a cute girlPhotobucket like me,i don't carePhotobucketi want it tooPhotobucketPhotobucketnd,it is Sony Ericsson brandedPhotobucketfavourite brandPhotobucketwhereas inside it supports Nokia softwarePhotobucketTherefore,i can download cutie cute themes which mostly Sony Ericsson Photobucket do not supportPhotobucketSomething like the below piccies:-

Can you see that,even the messaging,setting and the contacts normal dull icons are all change into cutie cute according to the theme you setPhotobucket

Besides,i had downloaded cutiePhotobucket fonts and Photobucketchange the normal boring fonts in the Photobucket

Sorry ya,because the piccy like blur blur as i had stick the mirror like protector screenPhotobucket
When there isn't light,you can mirror yourself.So,no need bring mirrorPhotobucket
i think of doing more D.I.Y deco glitters seal to various kinds of Photobucketmodels' transparent cover for sale.Isn't that a good ideaPhotobucketSo,people can use the deco seal even though they do not know how to stick it nicely,properlyPhotobucket
Wait for my good news yaPhotobucket

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