Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Do you know it's worth if you really like something and you spend every bit of your money on it.Just like me.There is a little girl asked me this question yesterday."Never think that it is too waste?" Oh,not at all.We,being human beings in this world,should live happily and enjoy life to its fullest.By controlling our ownself,no this,no that,what forPhotobucket RightPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

When i first saw this at The Store,i asked my hubby whether i already bought this.
He had no idea as...aiya,this is girls' private personal stuffPhotobucket,how he knew!!Photobucket
At last,i bought it too.If really i already had,never mind.Can keep it too.The pantyliners can use too.

Back to home,i went straight away to my pink display rack to check check.
Yup,i didn't have this edition.i had the red one,like below piccy.
This one is better.i like pink!!Photobucket

Photobucketperpetual calendar
It is porcelain and the colour is nice in pink.
You can change the date,the month and the day too.
But,have to be very dilligent to change everyday.
So,where i put this??

deng deng deng
i had kitty-fied a lil' corner in my living room,where i put this Photobuckethumidifier,Photobucketclassic lamp and the Photobucketperpetual calendar together.Don't they all looks so pure cutePhotobucket??
And this corner is just beside my Photobucket pink table where i do all my writings there.
Gotta stop here as i wanna do my blog background back to cutie cute.%&*!@(%?

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