Monday, August 2, 2010

PhotobucketHave a look at today's menu.

PhotobucketPhotobucket3D multi-purpose brushPhotobucket
can be used to clean Photobucketlaptop and anyway you like.

Interesting part is here.
Just turn the body and the brush is hidden.
Therefore,Photobucket can be put like Photobucketpiccy.

PhotobucketPhotobucket3D mini fanPhotobucket
Where is the fanPhotobucketWhere is the fanPhotobucketWhy couldn't seePhotobucket

Oh,it is actually at the head.
When the head is taken out,there,you can see the fanPhotobucketPhotobucket
Just notice,i,myself also got a lot of mini fan.But for sure,this the one i favourPhotobucket most.
As it is 3DPhotobucket
A kind message for you.If you wanna own these 2 items like me,you can make your orders at bubbles.Or inbox me at my facebook.PhotobucketByePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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