Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Have you all seen Photobucket beforePhotobucket
Osim product.
This is called humidifier or Osim company called it uMist.Some ask me,what is it for?The Osim uMist uses ultrasonic technology to generate cool,fine mist that humidifies your room more effectively,preventing dryness in the air.It also produces negative ions that remove dust and other suspended impurities to improve air quality.PhotobucketGood explanation,isn't it??Photobucketi copied from Osim website...=='''
And now,the answer for yesterday's story,

Photobuckethumidifier boxPhotobucket

Printed on box explaining every important part.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketthis so muchiePhotobucket
It is real damn cute nehPhotobucketPhotobucket
This is exactly the same function as the Osim uMist.
But,maybe not as good as Osim product,but i don't care that.What i care is it is Photobucket
Its height is about 30 cm only.
Photobuckethumidifier will be in my living room while the Osim uMist in my bedroom.

On the top of its head,the cover can be opened,and there is a yellow holder for you to hold when you wanna take it out to put water in it.Water will be put in the head area.The first button is to set timer.You can set it to off automatically within 2H,4H,6H or 8H.While the middle bigger button is switch ON/OFF.The last button is to set it to Low,Medium or High power.
This is hubby bought for me.The first time i saw this at China,Photobucket at first sight.
Hubby just asked me,"PhotobucketAre you serious?"
i answered,"YesPhotobucket,i want."
Story ended with,he bought for mePhotobucketPhotobucket
There is 1 of my friend who want this too.i can help her buy when my brother-in-law go again for his business trip.So,anyone of you want,you can contactPhotobucket me.The selling price is RM299.But,have to be patient.Wait for it to arrive safely.i won't sell mine.hehehePhotobucket

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