Sunday, August 15, 2010

kitty head

Supposely yesterday i got a post to update.It is like this.i went back toPhotobucket Kuantan.Didn't bring my laptopPhotobucket,and suddenly very free at my parents' PhotobucketPhotobucketThought of update my Photobucket and so,i called my sis to help me upload the piccy that i want to share from my PhotobucketThen,i can use my dad's Photobucket to compose the post.ButPhotobucket,she wasn't at Photobucket.Went out with some friends of her.Therefore,had to wait me back to my Photobucket,open my Photobucket,and update myself.

This is actually a Photobuckethandsfree and
a Photobuckethandsfree holder/keeper,i named it.
The 2 small small head is handsfree while the big head is the handsfree keeper,i called it.
i used this handsfree when i am tidyingPhotobucket stocks in my shop.i want to listen to songs alone.Don't want give others hear,hehehePhotobucket
These 2 items are rubber material.So,will be easy to keep them clean.
Just use a wet towel to wipe them when notice dirt onPhotobucket them.

This handsfreePhotobucket holder quite fast selling in my shop.
Online purchase a lot too.So,don't wait if you want 1 tooPhotobucket
Happy today as i got a message from a kitty junkie.She is Lucy,from UK.She said she absolutely Photobucket my Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucketflush nowPhotobucketPhotobucket and will try to read it even when sometimes it can take a while to loadPhotobucketSorry for that,too many things put in the blogPhotobucket
i felt contented as there is really someone out there who read my PhotobucketPhotobucketNot someone now,there is a few out therePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Ok,i wanna have my dinnerPhotobucketbuka puasaPhotobuckethehePhotobucketPhotobucket

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