Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pom pom time

Yesterday,my hands very itch.So,i steal a bit time passing by ebay.It really had been a long time i hadn't pass by there.Guess what??Photobucketi grabbed something cute.And cheap too.Will share with you when it arrives.While today,we talk about
Photobucketbathing time!

Photobucketporcelain bathroom set which my shops selling now.
Came with a nice cute box.
But,hubby said next time cannot take things like these anymore.As some of them broken when they arrived that very day.

There are 2 different designs and i had chosen this.
1 is enough for me.i am not greedy to take both.PhotobucketHehehe=P
It consists of a Photobucketsoap holder,Photobucketshampoo dispenser,Photobuckettoothbrush holder and a Photobucketmulti-purpose holder,i named it!

Colourful Photobucket holding hands like a chain.
These will be in part of my collections display rackPhotobucket

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