Friday, August 20, 2010

Cosplay Party Set

Photobucket arrived to me this morningPhotobucket
Unpacked faster-lyPhotobucket
Postpone postpone all other stuff to share herePhotobucket
Let Photobucket Hong Kong McDonald's The Cosplay Party Set to be here firstPhotobucket

Back to home,the first thing is preparing them for Photobucketphoto-shooting
12 Photobucket plushies in a set plus a superstar Photobucket
and also a quite big crown plush bagPhotobucketPhotobucket and 6 shining changeable cards tooPhotobucket
There are:~

Photobucket flight attendantPhotobucket

Photobucket pilotPhotobucket

Photobucket bridePhotobucket

Photobucket policePhotobucket

Photobucket nursePhotobucket

Photobucket McDonald's ambassadorPhotobucket

Photobucket chefPhotobucket

Photobucket lawyerPhotobucket

Photobucket graduatePhotobucket

Photobucket London guardPhotobucket

Photobucket studentPhotobucket

Photobucket showgirlPhotobucket
i am so in Photobucket with thisPhotobucketHow cute,she is wearing the net socksPhotobucket

Photobucket superstarPhotobucket

The 6 shining changeable cardsPhotobucketThese cards' surface images are changeablePhotobucket
The image will be different when you rotate a bit of the cardsPhotobucket

This is the crown plush PhotobucketPhotobucketWhich at first i thought it is a pouchPhotobucket
Never thought that it is quite bigPhotobucket

The handle of the plush PhotobucketPhotobucket is shortPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSo,can't make it as shoulder bagPhotobucket
Anyway,it is extremely cute with bright yellow colourPhotobucket
It has a McDonald's tag too in the PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Thumbs up for the whole setPhotobucketi am so satisfiedPhotobucket
As i had said earlier,these are my earlyPhotobucketpressies from fatty PhotobuckethubbyPhotobucket

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