Wednesday, August 4, 2010

kitty + bear

Yesterday,i wasn't around my shop.But,still don't have time to drop by here.Many duty & tasks given to me to be done.i was so excited actuallyPhotobucket.Because of,,, can you see my cutie cbox?Background changed.Top part,there is a kitty + bear with words written,HELLO KITTY CHAT BOX.Yes,same with our titlePhotobucket for today.The cbox is a girl from Temerloh helped me made.

First itemPhotobucket,Photobucketmousepad.
From the piccy,cute.
If you see it in reality,more more cute.
Needless to say,i am now using this mousepad.
The bear at mousepad is actually a puppet.
Photobucketis playing a puppet.

2nd item,Photobucketpink 3D hook.
i didn't use this actually.Safely comfortable put at my display rack.
i don't want to use it as i afraid it will spoilt or became dirty.
Oops...i forgot to say,whoever interested in the cbox making,you can click
Sharing is caring.But,the girl know Chinese only.So,hard to communicate at first.

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