Thursday, August 19, 2010

Re-ment Stationery

Hohoho...i ordered the Photobucketstationery re-ment set already safely reach its destination,that is my shop.Lately,seldom Photobucketpurchasing online as i got quite a lot from my own shoppingPhotobucketspree at the suppliers'.Only this & guess whatPhotobucketHong Kong McDonals Cosplay Party whole set.i know everything is possible if we want it to be.But,haven't arrive.That kinds of make me anxious,worry and bla bla blaPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Photobucketay,let's get back to Photobucketstationery re-ment set.Last Photobucketnight,i Photobucket quite a lot of piccies.

This Photobucketlooks like candy container.Even the plastic packaging of each of the stationery set is candy like.Feel like don't want to open themPhotobucket

notebook Photobucket pen

calculator & scissors
Photobucketi Photobucket the the mostPhotobucket

letter,envelope & a case.

rack with 2 drawers.

a book & an eraser.
The book is damn cutiePhotobucket with little Japanese wordings.

PencilPhotobucket & sharpener

Photobucket case,pencil & ruler.

Stamp set + box.

Glue,tape & tape dispenser.

colouring Photobuckets.

Photobucket,Photobucket holder & a transparent plastic with wordings.

Paper clip with case.

AhaPhotobucketthis piccy is to let you know how tinyPhotobucket all these re-ment things are!
That make my fingers so huge.EnormousPhotobucketNot at allPhotobucket

Hey,i noticed this is the extra.Suppose to have 12 in a set,but another stamp setPhotobucket
WoPhotobuckethoooPhotobucketPhotobucketFree giftPhotobucket Good goodPhotobucket

Yesterday Photobucket,i thought & thought to put where.All my re-ment sets.
Not many,only 2 sets i had for now.i thought of Photobucket putting them in my pink display rack.
Haha..i use the mosaic effect to cover my hubby's big headPhotobucketAs the display rack has a Photobucketmirror in it,and my hubby was sitting at the sofa watching

Bonus piccy for youPhotobucketPhotobucket
When the display rack is closedPhotobucket
Actually both this re-ment and the Hong Kong McD Cosplay party set is the most early birthday Photobucket from my hubbyPhotobucket i am not greedy,Photobucket?As i don't ask for diamonds or goldPhotobucketPhotobucket as birthday Photobucket

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