Sunday, August 29, 2010

stationery ✿◕‿◕✿

If you are my facebook friends too,you sure know what had happened.
Uneducated,uncivilised person done something i called 'cheap and stupid' comment at my bubbles cbox.i had removed the cbox not because i scare of her or him.Because i don't want to debate with such person.i am an educated gentlelady.Therefore,no need act barbarian with them. GOD will judge them,kPhotobucket Or maybe some of them are my own Photobucket readers too.Be careful,you barbarians.Even though none will see what you are doing,but there is 1 who can see,HE is GOD.
You see,i am still i am.Talking sharing happily about my beloved,Photobucket
You can't make my life miserable or unhappy,i let you know!Photobucketi still have my Photobucketfatty hubby...

Photobucket correction tape or what we used to call liquid paper.
Arrggghhh...cute rightPhotobucketPhotobucket
i will use this correction tape.But,i am thinking now,what if it finishPhotobucket
Can i refill backPhotobucket

And also this cute Photobucket eraser set.
1 big die-cut Photobucket head and another Photobucketsmaller die-cut.
Won't use these eraser as i never use pencil now.
Not schooling anymore.huhuO(∩_∩)O

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