Monday, August 16, 2010

kitty face

Seems like i shopsPhotobucket for Photobucket everyday.No,no.If yes,yes,i think hubby will bankrupt.It is just that sometimes when new stocks arrive,i will take mine.Then,you know,stocks arrive,there will be not 1 but a few Photobucket stuff.As a Photobucketseller,i will take extra one for myself.
Or sometimes will Photobucket online at ebay.Mostly ebay.For Photobucketstuff that i couldn't find the supplier.Price will be a bit high,but because of my Photobucket towards Photobucket,it is worthPhotobucket

Photobucket different sizes of Photobucket face shape storage box.
You can put whatever things in themPhotobucket as you like.
For me,i put them all Photobucket in my display rack.i am not going to use them.
Afraid i will 'hurt' them.

Photobucketface shape tooPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
Photobucketfloor mat.Available in Photobucket colours,pink & white.
Of course,i will take the pink,without thinking.
As i like both Photobucket & pink.
PhotobucketSo,this is a perfect matchPhotobucketPhotobucket
Just like me & Photobucket

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