Friday, December 4, 2009


Received this Photobucket tote in the morning,when i was a bit Photobucketbored at shopPhotobucketSuddenly MrPhotobucket postman came inPhotobucketNearly going to sleep soundlyPhotobucketMy sis hurried to the counter as she is waiting for her parcel too!PhotobucketHa-ha,i was laughing as it was mine,with my namePhotobucket

i already had the PhotobucketwalletPhotobucketSo,now really can make a setPhotobucketActually there is also a Photobucketcoin pouch and name card holder in this same design tooPhotobucketi will get it soonerPhotobucket

This is a product under Sanrio LicensePhotobucket
It is the same with myPhotobucket walletPhotobucketEven the back of the Photobuckettote is written with words tooPhotobucketThe material of this tote is nice and of high qualityPhotobucketi like the end of the zip,which has a pink love shapePhotobucketIf you got notice,mostly of the tote or handbags selling out there or even you owned,there aren't any shape at the end of the zipPhotobucketNormal dePhotobucketPhotobucket
i use thisPhotobucket tote as soon as it arrivedPhotobucketi Photobucketlike it so much!!Therefore,after my trip to my pro salon,had my hair cut,i went back Photobuckethome and upload here ASAP to share with all my Photobucketlovely friendsPhotobucket

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