Sunday, December 6, 2009

kiTTy keys..

A nice,comfortable,good sleeping.i wake up at 1pm this noonPhotobucket.Just after my breakfast+lunch.Next time,no more again,that's my hubby advised me.He said that's not good for your healthPhotobucket Yes,sirPhotobucketi answered.(laughing sound)

Last October on my birthday,1 f my birthday presents from my hubby was this,Photobucketkeychain key holder.i like it so much too,that i first used it on my Photobucketcar key.Recently i had ordered Photobucket more.Photobucket to put my Photobucketkey.The other i still haven't think of putting which key in it.So,maybe just keep it as a collection at my display rack.Good news to share here...Photobucket
My hubby had asked the furniture maker/designer who made our shop's furniture & rack,to make a pink+white rack for me.Therefore,i can put all my Photobucket collections in it.Normally the rack we bought at furniture shop is in brown or wood colour(which is not my favourite colour),can't find the Photobucket in pink.There is white or grey,but not in the design i like.As i like pink and white,so it is matchable with my Photobucketcollections too which is mostly in pink.

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