Sunday, December 13, 2009

handphOne decO

Today i am going to share about the above title.Many like to decorate their own Photobuckethandphones uniquely,by using bling bling faux crystals or stickers with favourite cartoon characters.For me,sure decorate my Photobucket with Photobucket.i like decorating my Photobucket.If i bought a Photobucket ,i will do my PhotobucketDIY project on it.i can't stand the 'nudeness' of the Photobucket.Something like without clothes on??! hehe...

So,i had bought at ebay Photobuckethandphone Photobucketscreen protector sticker.Actually wanna get the other design which is cuter,but sold out jor...!Photobucket
Therefore,i try my best to choose another which i can accept lol.

Photobucket,i am going to admit.i really can't find this at any of my shop's suppliers.Maybe they seldom order stocks from Japan?

I had ordered from Strapya World tooPhotobucket.Ordered handphone princess corsage which is suitable mostly for clamshell handphone.Then,i did some finish touchPhotobucket by adding flowers &
strawberries.Ta-Da,now looks more girlish & princessy.i like my handphone..Photobucket

For my Samsung handphone which looks like 'big potato',i did some PhotobucketDIY tooPhotobucket.Wow,full of bling bling my 'big potato' handphone.The Photobucketface is actually a hair adornment which i stick all the faux diamond stickers on its face.You all can try it too.No need waste money to buy one.

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