Monday, December 14, 2009

baby milk bottle...

PhotobucketHello,my friends.Today i would like to share with you about Photobucketstationery,Photobucketpens.If i am still studying,i think there will be many students jealous me.(suet yi is day-dreaming again)
Why in the past time,they(i mean the suppliers) do not make such cutey pensPhotobucketPhotobucket
i think maybe they do not have that kind of Photobucketidea at that time.

i like the most is the Photobucketpen in baby milk bottle shape.There are 2 designs.Can't decide which to buy take.Asked my hubby,as usual,he will said,"take bothlah."So,i take both.Pink and white.The below picture is Photobucketpen in candy shape,which has 2 different ink,black and blue.Photobucket adding more Photobucketpens to my collections.i gotta go now.Have meeting with the signboard maker to discuss about my new shop's signboard design.
i am actually a bit Photobucketmoody today.1 of my worker who had worked for me about 1 or 2 years(i can't recall back),wanna resign.Because of her MOM.Why her mom wanna ask her do what she dislikes??Can't let her decide herself?She is no longer a kid anymore.

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