Thursday, December 17, 2009

cutey 3..

Is today's title suitable with what i am going to share with all of you?iPhotobucket have no idea.Let's continue our story.An interesting Photobucketgoodies for today.

Photobucketcolour pencils.

(You see,my 2 daughters really good at posing.When said wanna snap picture,they will automatically pose the most cutey pose!)
Even though the Photobucketcolour pencils aren't printed with any Photobucketimage,but i still want to keep it as collection.The packaging is cute.It is normal for my 2 daughters to have the Photobucketcolour pencils.But,me??i didn't go to school.i still want to take for myself too.Aiyoyo...! My hubby also felt "nothing" now as he often gone through this kind of situation. In the past,before we got married,1 work,1 spend.Now,in the present,after we got married with kids,1 work,3 spend!Photobucket

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