Wednesday, December 16, 2009

heLLo kiTTy touch pen

i wake up at 12.00pm today.Not because of i Photobucketslept late yesterday,but,Mr. headache came accompany me all night.(Oh,don't jealous oO,my dearies hubby!)Till 9.00 am in the morning,he still haven't leftPhotobucket.What a best friend is he...So,i consume 2 panadol as to make him left.
i am still feeling a bit tired.But,i comforted myself that i must update my lovely blog for all my cutey loyal friends here.i do not know whether i have loyal blog readers,but if really there is none.i am still Photobucket with that.i really speaking the truth.Here is the place where i can share and talk about my journey of life,mostly encounteringPhotobucket goodies.

Generally,i think mostly people call this stylus.Stylus or touch pen is the same gua..?i already hadPhotobucket touch pen.But,this is also cute,cute in size.So tiny.That's why i want it too!!
i wanna goPhotobucket again.Not in the most healthy me...!Bye!

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