Wednesday, December 9, 2009

princess diary

Yesterday,i received my princess diary while my sis received hers.But,she bought another design.I had waited at least 3 weeks before getting mine.Payment fully paid,but have to wait patiently.Aren't afraid??As i knew this shopblog from 1 of my sweet friend,Julia.She already bought princess diary.You all can have a look here,

Such a sweety girly name for a camera.

The price is not that exxy.But,it is not a digital .What i like the most is its design.It really speaks out the girly-ness in me when i am using it,i wonder.The lens cover is of Photobucketshape which photo can be inserted at the back.There is also a pink bead chaining the lens cover to the .A photo album(but,i notice looks like a diary more) is also included. i really can't resist such kawaii item till i had bought it,even though i already had a thinking that i seldom never use .As you all know,nowadays,handphones act like .i really should give a big Photobucketkiss to my hubby.He is myPhotobucket everything.(actually,is my financial supporter since i studied Form 6)i am grateful,will always cherish my hubby!!


J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

ahhhh finally ! got ur own princess diary.
isnt it shooo cute ? =D

when capturing pics,
dont forget to use the flash
or else u need a VERY bright sunny day. =D

i've used mine and the pictures are so LOMO !

love it =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suet Yi, U know I saw this kind of camera b4 i'v email and put some comment but there's no respond from the seller. I would like to have this for my girl ley...where can I get it? It's ur friend Julia?

s u e ty i said...

to julia...thanks for the info oO...if not,i really do not know such cutey things,will use flash cz scare pic cum out all dark dark..haha!!happy you are my friend.That i got to know so many Q things!!

to sylee...oh,no.i got it from kawaii-store.i had its blog link at my can click in.i knew about this camera from julia.As she bought 1.u email the seller better.maybe she a bit bz,took about 2 days after she replied me oO..

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