Tuesday, December 8, 2009

kiTTy transparent shOpping bAg

My sis took her 'holiday' today.So,i have to look after my shop.The whole day i have to be at my shop.Not to whole day,actually.Starts from 10am to 10pm.Just received my 'Princess Diary'.What is itPhotobucketPhotobucketOk,wait for my tomorrow post.i will post it tomorrow.(PhotobucketPhotobucketWah,so enjoy ar..recently.Had a mass shopping spree online.Ha-ha!)That's the dialogue between my hubby's + me.i am still waiting for a little bit goodies.Frankly speaking,buying online is better than purchasing outdoor.In my opinionlah,i think the goodies are rare & hard to find at shops.Therefore,i like Photobucketshopping onlinePhotobucket.

Simple and common item for today.Photobuckettransparent shopping bag,that's what i named after it.But,i think too simple.i use it not as a Photobucketshopping bag,but to put my Photobucketfacial cleansing set whenever i am outstation.

Really transparent.With aPhotobucketface and Photobucketwords written below the face.Flower flowery image is inserted too.It is so girly....


otata said...

wow, transparent bag. Is cute !!!
But, people can see what's inside right? Since is transparent.
=( Be careful o.

hahaha....Can I work part-time in your shop?

s u e ty i said...

haha...if you live near my shop area,for sure i will hire u as part time worker...hehe^^

otata said...

Can you tell me where is it ?
I think you mentioned before but I forgot..

Oh by the way, I forgot to check hello kitty's calendar when I went to 1utama last week. Will go to 1 utama in these few days, will check it for you. =)

s u e ty i said...

haha..it's ok...remember help me check again oO..
oh,i live at temerloh,Pahang.Near mentakab.i think u must never heard about temerloh.hihi!!

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