Friday, December 18, 2009

heLLo kiTTy bOwl set


Comes with a cute pink box.The box has handle too.

This Photobucketbowl set consists of 4 pieces of Photobucketbowls.With flowers printed on the bowl.It will makes eating time more pleasurable.Really!!But,i am wondering here,when i will have the time to use this??I seldom never cook.Eating outdoor,mostly.Therefore,keep this Photobucketbowl set as part of my collection LoL.
Maybe tomorrow i won't be here.We(me+my hubby) will be accompanying my daughter for her piano lesson practice.She will be presenting 2 songs for Christmas party organized by her piano school.But,be sure to come drop by my blog often....!Bye!!Photobucket


pwincess AJA said...

wow!so cute and adorable!!!
i want this too!!!

s u e ty i said...

pwincess AJA,hihi^^ really cute oO...!Lucky shop got sold this...coming soon..will upload later at bubbles blog.hihi:-)
i got mine first from the supplier!!

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