Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Correction flUid


i feel energize after a noon napPhotobucketWhen there is still time for me at here,i surely will come here even just for a whilePhotobucketYesterday,just received PhotobucketthisPhotobucketPhotobucket correction fluid,or 'liquid paper' is usually what we callPhotobucketFrom my hubby's friend,of coursePhotobucketLast time,he helped me bought the Photobucket multi-purpose basket via a cataloguePhotobucketi am not that favour in red colourPhotobucketBut,still can accept as it is Photobucket brandedPhotobucketAbby Photobucketlikes red the mostPhotobuckethehe!!

A product of this year,2009.
Made In Korea.
My Photobucketstationery had a new member nowPhotobucket
No mission for today to complete(so free)PhotobucketMy hubby noticed that i am not in my very ownself,so he had helped me with all my everyday's workPhotobucketHe afraid i will get sickPhotobucketAs i am really cannot stand 'stress'PhotobucketThere is once,i couldn't sleep and eatPhotobucketAfter checked by doc,he concluded that i was stressedPhotobucketThanks,hubbyPhotobucketPhotobucketi lup UPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobuckethehe!

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