Thursday, December 10, 2009

heLLo kiTTy stOrage tissUe bOx

Today is the most enjoyable day for mePhotobucket i Photobucketlike going to meet suppliers.Seeing new stocks.Thinking to order which one.It will be a tired day,but,i felt contented.Especially i got to order 1 more for myself,Photobucket goodies & cutey cutey items.It really had been a responsibility for me to diligently update my blog even though now is really tired,with sleepy eyes on.

This is a Photobucketstorage tissue box.Or you can named it Photobucketmulti-purpose box.Even its packaging is cute.You can put tissue on the top where Photobucket face is located.There are Photobucket drawers below in pink,with Photobucketribbon image printed on.That's why you can call this,Photobucketmulti-purpose box as you can put whatever you like.To who interested with this storage box,you can purchase it at
PhotobucketbubblesPhotobucket.Stock is limited.Hurry up oO..!Photobucket But,i haven't upload the picture yet.He-hePhotobucket
This few days i will do it,ok? zZz attacking mePhotobucketPhotobucket

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