Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A home for my Princess Diary

i received this parcel yesterdayPhotobucket.i was so Photobuckethappy then.As at last,my princess diary had a new home.A sweet cute pink home for 'her' to be safe in it.i do some Photobucket from 1 of the Japan online store at ebay.i do not know that it will reach here so fast.Real efficient!!

This Photobucket pink face cosmetic pouch is made of shining material.Actually,i like the back of the Photobucketpouch the most.Photobucketwhich is in pink polkadot.Photobucket i had a thinking.i wish to collect more different Photobucketstuff.i wanna to have all my things Photobucketbranded.Even broom Photobucketbranded too..Photobucket i wanna find more rare Photobucketstuff as i do not want all my collections contains pouches,bags or stationery only.Agree with me??PhotobucketYup..! Photobucketask & answer myself.Photobucket
Do wish my dreams come true oO...!


glazsliper said...

hi dear.. finally u got d pink pouch.. cute.. i hv d same too.. how much n postage fee?

s u e ty i said...

together with postage fee,i think rm90 something..hihi^^ yup,i like this so much the first time i c at ur blog...!

Miss Maikitty said...

dear ..which seller ya sold this item ...so cute with pinky buble ...can i knoe ...hehe

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