Sunday, December 20, 2009

heLLo kiTTy health care box

Tired but happy Saturday.i went to a friend's wedding party.Felt happy for her too as got married to a good guy too.Like me!!Photobuckethaha...(That's annoying).Happy as got to meet all my old school friends!So,how are all my lovely friends??
Miss me?Miss my Photobucket?i am back.(1 day only mah..where got people miss U oO..?)

Actually,people call this Photobucketpills organizer.But,i wanna call it,Photobucket health care box.Whatever that you think is for the good of your health,then,you can keep it in the box.But,actually hor...,it's up to you what you are going to put in it.Inside,like the usual boxes,got many compartments.If compare,i like the left 1 most.As it looks like a luggage.Then,when open,it can divided into 2 parts.Hard to understand,rite??Me too.i also do not have any idea about what i am talking.If wanna see clearly the health care box,you all can go to my shop blog,bubbles. Photobucket
Gotta go...PhotobucketPhotobucket


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Whatever those boxes are, they are really cute:)

otata said...

I miss you !!!! XDDDDD

The health care box above looks more like candy box to me? D: too cute jor

s u e ty i said...

@Sandra,agree with ya..BTW,i already visited your blog.i like pink too...So sweet & cute all the pinky things you post in your blog...

@otata,miss U too, Touchy there is really some1 missing me...hihi^^ kakakaka....ya lol..can put candy in it too...hehe!!

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