Thursday, December 3, 2009

heLLo kiTTy ruler

Today,i had to went to MPT to take the license application form.i had to fill it first and apply before my bubbles' new branch opening.So,after filling the application form,i had to do some drawing(location map) which need a ruler.So,i took 1 heLLo kiTTy ruler for myself.Ha-ha,as my daughters already owned the ruler.

This kitty ruler is really convenient.It can be opened up to make it longer(up to 30cm) while the ruler has some different shape that you can trace out.
*Sorry for today's post so simple without any deco.Because photobucket is doing some maintenance,so,i can't login.Frankly speaking,i am an impatient person.Therefore,i won't wait till it is able to login.Gotta continue with my works!!Bye!

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