Tuesday, December 15, 2009

heLLo kiTTy spoon


As a fanatic,obssesive and boombastic Photobucketlover,i think i should have Photobucketspoon when i am having my breakfast,lunch and even dinner,supper??(By the way,how am iPhotobucket going to use it?i always eat outdoor.)i have an idea.i can do 'tapao-ing'(means take away).Then, i can use this Photobucket Photobucketstainless steel spoon.

This is the part i like most.Photobucket charm is in love chain.Even i am not in the mood of eating,when Photobucketseeing this,i believe i will eat,& even eat more.i eat little,actually.My hubby always said i am abnormal.i also do not know the reason to this.i just can't put the Photobucketfood through my throat.Seems like going to vomit if i force myself to eat(sometimes).
Therefore,i told my hubby,"you are lucky to have a very thrifty wife".But,you know what??He answered back,"Ya,thrifty when speak of eating,but not on spendingPhotobucket".


otata said...

hahahah awwww ;D

nice spoon by the way,
I hope you will eat more after this.
Eat more and stay healthy! yay!

s u e ty i said...

haha..thanks for the words,i will listen to u..
ya lol..if u eat together with me,u must be scary...havent eat anything,feel full dy!!

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